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A unique approach to offshore development

  • Local Project Manager90%
  • Cost effective offshore development80%
  • Accelerated Development100%
Covation Technology is a San Diego based company with local project managers and a team of highly skilled software engineers based in Ukraine. We work with a small number of clients at any time to maintain our focus on delivering high quality results. Our primary goal is to provide ongoing development resources to accelerate your vision and innovation.

Get your web and mobile applications to market faster and at lower cost!

The Right Way to Leverage Offshore Software Development

Hiring an offshore team to write some or all of the code for your software,
web or mobile app can be the best way to get a quality product to market quickly.
As with any hire, making the right choice will greatly affect outcomes...

By Scott Warner

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How we work



We specialize in developing robust, scalable and secure web and mobile applications that deliver awesome user experiences. Our team has deep technical knowledge of all modern development tools, languages and methods. Web applications are most often built using a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php) architecture for its security and performance benefits or Microsoft .NET.

Technology moves quickly and our team is constantly researching new technologies to discover potential benefits for clients. This is especially true in the area of mobile applications. All of our work is done with mobile-friendly designs and coding.

We only have senior level software engineers with many years of relevant experience. Since our teams have worked on a wide variety of projects and technologies they have very deep knowledge of all current tools and methods.


    SCIsupply Inc. specializes in the online sale and distribution of incontinence supplies required by people who have sustained neurological damage due to a spinal cord injury or disease.

    This client needed a development partner to build and maintain their corporate web site.
  • PhoneGap App

    Private Group Sharing. Privately Share and Chat with Different Groups of People. Value Proposition: . Hassle Free Privacy. . Clean and Intuitive Design. . Visually Engaging. Features: *Anonymous Sharing Create whatever name you want and change it as often as you want. Use a nickname, your real name, or the name you wish to be called. You’re in control. It’s your identity. P.S. Triby is genderless. * Private Group Newsfeeds Easily share and post anytime while scrolling through the newsfeed by having the post bar always at the bottom of the screen. * Group Chat Real time group chats attached to each post, instead of static comments. Keeps chats organized around topics, and delivers a clean design. * The Mural A beautiful collage of image based posts, for when you want to scroll through group pictures. *The Dislike, Like, and Heart Button Freely express yourself by Disliking, Liking or Hearting a post or comment. Sometimes it’s easier to express how you feel with just a click.
  • PHP5, Laravel4, PostgreSQL, javascript, AngularJS

    Urban Edge was created as a venue for owners, property managers, and leasing managers to market their no fee apartments directly to tenants. No expensive fees, and no bait and switch ads.
    Client name
  • PHP5, Laravel4, MySQL, javascript, jquery, bootstrap

    Global Training Campus is the most affordable, easy­to­use employee safety training solution available. Training features are designed to reduce operational expense, increase productivity, and ensure compliance with regulating bodies. This client needed a development partner to build a web application with numerous features for their users.
  • Wordpress, CSS, HTML5, Javascript

    Wide Open Spaces is the first hunting and fishing site that is optimized for social and mobile experiences, complete with the Internet’s first and only shopping comparison site for all your hunting, fishing, shooting and outdoor needs. We were responsible for development of plugins, new features, service integration, as well as implementation of different instruments for authors.
  • PHP 5, Laravel, apache, MySQL, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, twitter bootstrap

    Revlio is a simple to use, self­service mobile solution that drives sales & revenue. With Revlio, your audience can instantly engage with your brand or shop your products. All without downloading an App, searching or typing URL’s.
  • PHP5, Yii Framework, MySQL, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5

    A new innovative global website that provides hopeful adoptive couples a powerful tool to assist them in achieving their adoption goals. AdoptDirectly was designed and developed in partnership with the National Adoption Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that helped over 6000 adoptive parents over the past 20 years.
  • PHP5, Yii Framework, MySQL, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5

    AdEcho operates a network of over 2,000 quality websites. Each site features a directory showcasing local and national businesses. When someone visits any of the sites they see ads of businesses they are looking for as well as learn about other great businesses located nearby. All sites are mobile friendly. This innovative client needed a development partner that could execute their plans quickly.

    the One is a full-featured WordPress theme.
  • Wordpress, Javascript, CSS

    Tucanna is a global developer and supplier of software solutions for the printing industry, founded in 2006. Tucanna develops “software for humans”: simple, elegant, user­ friendly and yet powerful in the most complex processes; helping customers raise productivity, reduce costs and improve quality. Tucanna solutions are widely used throughout the printing industry spectrum from traditional offset and flexo to digital and large / wide format printing environments.
  • PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Yii, jQuery, HTML, CSS

    This client needed a development partner to build a platform with multiple user types including end users, executive coaches, HR directors, content providers, distributors and administrators. The platform provides a marketplace for learning content and an automated system for creating and tracking action plans for individuals within companies. This client needed a development partner that could build a highly complex back end platform and an extremely user friendly front end.
  • Yii Framework, JQuery, PHP, HTML5

    Lettuce Box offers a range of devices designed to help you monitor and manage your most temperature sensitive, perishable food products.The system gathers data to assess temperature in storage and in transit. How it works: 1. Highly detailed thermal profiles are created within the veroFreshTM system for your specific perishable products. 2. Environmental storage conditions are fed into the veroFreshTM system real time or after the fact. 3. The veroFreshTM system analyzes this data and provides highly accurate product simulation information.
  • PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Nginx, RabbitMQ, HTML, CSS etc.

    This client needed a development partner to build a highly interactive strategic planning platform. This application allows users to created plans with drag and drop ease then monitor the execution of those plans over time with automated data mining, sophisticated reporting, alerts for plan deviation, built-in chat, and much much more. Many cutting edge technologies were coded to bring this platform to life.
  • PHP5, Yii Framework, MySQL, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, less css

    GOGO CLASS offers a unique set of courses that focuses on preparing your Self to overcome the everyday demands of the real world. From stress management to networking skills, dealing with rejection to talking to strangers, public seeking to interview preparation; these are just a small example of the critical life skills that are not taught in traditional schools, but GOGO Classes will teach. GOGO CLASS offers courses that are relevant to all age groups and people with varying backgrounds.
  • Phonegap/js mobile app:

    102.1 the Edge - Toronto's Alternative. Lots of music and pretty pictures of Edge people like Fearless Fred and Mel, Adam and Josie. You can also listen non-stop using this app. It will also make you a better dancer! You’ll be able to: - Listen anywhere, anytime - Connect directly to station hosts and join the conversation with other listeners from multiple social feeds - Share any content or music by email or through your own social feeds - See the latest trending news, photos and videos - Watch videos from your favorite artists - Get breaking concert information - Vote on the song playing - Share your photos and audio directly with the station - Engage in special contests and access exclusive content
    102.1 the edge Radio Station
    View website

    Waterloo dental clinic strives to deliver excellence in providing dental care and to educate patients about their oral health. They needed a web site that reflected their values and commitment to excellence. Our design team worked with their internal team to create page mockups and wire-frames. The site was then developed and delivered to the client.
  • Nginx, PHP, PostgreSQL, PhoneGap, Yii, AngularJS, HTML5, Javascript

    Talentspot is a revolutionary platform that allows hiring managers and job seekers to connect based on related skills and behavioral attributes. From advanced job searches to powerful job matching, Talentspot helps job seekers get more than a great job – it helps you harness the power of your skills and personality to stand out to the perfect company for you, and turn your dream job into a reality.


“I’ve been running my development company for over four years now and I must say this team is the most professional development company I’ve ever worked with. They were  so helpful with running this project from start to finish. You’ve won me Guys! Great job.”

Oded A.

“This company has provided me with great service and an awesome developer. I have been working with them for over 6 months and am very satisfied. Great communication skills and subject matter expertise. They are flexible and accommodating. I enjoy working with them, and highly recommend their services.”

Andryos D.

“Excellent work – exceeded quality expectations and delivered ahead of schedule. Could not ask for more…Always a pleasure to work with Valentin and team”

Richard R.

“This is a great team for developing a website! Valentin and his crew were extremely responsive, very professional and excellent communicators. They made the process of getting a new corporate website up and running very easy, and offered constructive suggestions along the way. I highly recommend them.”

Scott G.

“This is only the first time we have used this provider, but already we are planning to involve them on other projects coming soon. They are very responsive, obviously very good at what they do, and very professional. Looking much forward to working with them again!”

John L.

“This is a great team to work with – fast and reliable. Completed the job in minutes! Thanks for the fast work. Everything works exactly as expected! ”

Fred D.

“Anton and his team delivered very good work on this project, and we are very happy with the quality of what they delivered. When unforeseen problems arose, they worked very hard to deal with them and made the extra effort needed to keep the project on track. Excellent professional communication throughout. I definitely recommend them.”

Quenton F.

“This was a very challenging project but they managed to deal with the old code base (PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, Ajax) and exceeded our expectations. Their developer skills are top notch and communication, despite the time difference, was great. We have been working on more projects with them since then and will continue to do so!”

Jack F.


“Amazing Team!!! We have done and we keep doing one of the biggest projects ever with this company. I’ve never seen anything that they can’t do. This company is amazing for BIG BIG Projects! They provide amazing and such clean code. We keep working with them and we believe that we will continue working with them for more many years. After so many years in Elance I can say that this company is the best company we have worked with. So recommended!”

Tal R.

“They saved my WordPress/Buddypress project! This was a tough job and they worked diligently to get everything working perfectly. In addition to completing my complex WordPress/Buddypress project to my exact specifications, they’ve been great with developing skins, creating basic blogs for me and more. I highly recommend this team for WordPress projects.”

Kelley H.

“We chose them for a second time for our project. The quality of their job is fantastic, they are very professional and deliver on time. We will certainly trust them for our future projects as well.”

David G.

“Thank you for all the great work you did on this. Excellent work and excellent communication as always. Whenever I had a question or a problem or needed something they would always respond right away. I can’t wait to work with you again!”

Andrew H.

“First off, I want to say thank you for all of the help and support. This is a fantastic group of developers. They are very intelligent and can figure out complex problems quickly. We had a set of tricky issues in our software specification and they did an excellent job – completing the project fully to our satisfaction. I would personally highly recommend them to anyone.”

Sam T.

“Anton and his team have been no less than perfect for the whole project. The team understood our needs and fulfilled all our expectations. We are now sure, that for any future projects that we need done, we will look no further and hire this team again.”

Andreas G.

“Having worked with Anton and his team for more than 3 years I can say without hesitation they are the best software engineers I have worked with. Over the course of 35 years in the industry I have worked with teams from all over the world and these guys are the most knowledgeable, flexible and professional. We will continue to have all of our development done by this team.”

Scott W.


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